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Article: Types Of Chains: 10 Popular Types of Chains

Types Of Chains: 10 Popular Types of Chains

Types Of Chains: 10 Popular Types of Chains

You don't have to own a brewery to enjoy a pint of your favorite brew. In the same way, you don't have to be a certified jewelry fanatic to love wearing earrings, rings, bracelets, and chains that speak to you. Knowing a few key styles can help broaden your selection, though.

You might be the type of person to gravitate toward a few staple styles that you wear with most fits. Still, wherever you are on your jewelry journey, taking the time to explore and compare jewelry styles can enrich your collection. With the right information, you can bring your self-expression to the next level.

What Styles of Chain Are Most Popular?

Knowing your trademark style is essential for representing yourself well to the world. It can help you make a killer impression while networking and increase your connection on dates.

If you don't have a trademark style, it might be because you're not familiar with all the jewelry possibilities available to you. When it comes to chains, there are several fundamental styles you can familiarize yourself with to get a better idea of what's out there.

You don’t have to know about every type of jewelry to upgrade your collection; starting with exploring chains is an excellent beginning.

Let's look at ten popular chain styles you can gift to friends or add to your collection:

Cuban Chain

If there's one piece of jewelry to consider for your collection, it's the iconic Cuban chain. This style is similar to the curb chain except for a few differences. While curb chains tend to have slightly thinner flat links, Cuban chain links are more heavy, round, and flat. 

Cuban chains are a terrific choice for styling with multiple types of clothing. Keep this classic option in mind for gifts, too.

Curb Chain

If you've ever shopped for chain necklaces, the odds are that you've probably seen a curb chain. This chain style is one of the most popular variations, consisting of uniform flat links that connect to form a necklace or bracelet. Its sharper edges make it a favorite of many.

Most men's necklaces feature heavy curb links for a more noticeable, thick piece of jewelry. It makes a terrific piece to wear solo.

Cable Chain

A cable chain is another typical style of chain link. This kind includes oval links that appear to alternate and interconnect to form a necklace or bracelet. It can be a light or heavy chain, meaning you might choose to layer this kind of chain with other heavier chain types. You can’t go wrong with this foundational chain.

Belcher Chain

Belcher chains and cable chains have a lot in common when it comes to design. Cable chains typically use oval links, while Belcher chains tend to use round links. 

Belcher chains tend to feature light links. You can layer this style with bolder chains for a killer jewelry set. 

This chain design also gets its name from a historical boxer named Jim Belcher. It's an ideal gift for anyone who has an appreciation for boxing or fighting history.

Wheat Chain

Some occasions may call for unique jewelry. If you're the type who prefers to dress distinctively, you could be a fan of the Wheat chain. This chain style draws from the natural design of a stalk of wheat. Each intricate link joins together to create a three-dimensional chain that can uplift any look.

Mariner Chain

Have you ever seen an anchor's chain on a boat? This functional piece inspires a mariner chain (also called an "anchor chain"). Its design is incredibly durable, much like an anchor chain.

It's an excellent piece for anyone who wants to pay homage to sea life with nautical-inspired jewelry. You might even choose to wear this chain to glisten in the sun during an outdoor swim.

Box Chain

The word "box" is in "box chain" for a reason. This chain style includes smooth, square links that connect together to form a box shape. This style continues around the chain's length, giving a three-dimensional effect to this chain structure.

It's a unique piece of jewelry you can throw on top of your fit for a more stand-out appearance.

Figaro Chain

Are you in need of a formal chain that still offers personality to your appearance? The Figaro chain is an Italian-inspired design displaying flattened links in an alternating pattern.

It's a terrific chain for anyone to wear, and you can use it to elevate many different styles throughout the seasons. Try it out solo or layered with a striking pendant.

Rope Chain

This chain style offers another eye-catching design. Like a rope, each link on a rope chain twists with other links to form a winding strand-like formation. A Rope chain looks classy alone and when layered with other pieces.

Snake Chain

Smooth links characterize this chain. The reason it gets its name is because of its sleek, flexible appearance — just like a snake. It's a perfect classy jewelry element to wear to any casual outing with friends or suit and tie event. The Snake chain is a must-have in any jewelry wearer's collection. 

How To Determine Chain Quality

They say never to judge a book by its cover. With that in mind, you might not want to judge a chain only by its links, either. 

While you're looking for the chains that will work best with your wardrobe, it's imperative to think about quality. Although you might think you can consider a chain based on its design alone, that's unfortunately not the case. 

Want to know where to start when evaluating jewelry to add to your collection? Let's look at a few tips that will help.

Look at the Material

Before purchasing a new chain, it's good to have all the information. You'll want to know whether your necklace or bracelet will last five weeks or 15 years. 

Check out the types of silver and gold used in your chain to determine if you're getting a good deal or being played. 

Opting for solid gold and sterling silver may be your goal if you want luxury metal jewelry. However, if you want high-quality jewelry that looks just as good, premium stainless steel and 18-karat plated gold will do just as well.

Take Note of the Karats

If you're purchasing gold jewelry, you'll also want to notice the number of karats in your jewelry. The lower the karat number, the less valuable your piece of jewelry will be. A great combination of durability and quality is 18-karat gold. 

Evaluate the Retailer

Sometimes, a deal feels too good to be true because it is. Before you commit to a piece of jewelry, you may want to check out who you're purchasing your chains from. 

Do they offer to replace your jewelry if it breaks for any reason? Do they make satisfaction guarantees? When buying from a reputable jewelry retailer, you'll see that they're happy to back up their jewelry's quality. 

What Good Chains Can Do for You

You might be wondering if it's really worth it to invest in good-quality chains. You might be tempted to go for a super-cheap chain that looks like it might boost your look.

Let's look at a few reasons it's worth it to choose better pieces:

Elevate Your Style

Cheap chains might look good for a day. After that, the rust, breakage, tarnishing, and color fading will cheapen your look. 

You might think you're stepping out looking like a style icon, but low-quality jewelry can bring your look down a notch. Choosing good pieces means always looking fresh without worry.

Last for Years

Good chains should last you a long time. Why go for flimsy pieces of jewelry that you have to replace? Choosing excellent craftsmanship means buying chains that stick around for all your favorite memories and adventures. 

Boost Your Self-Assurance

When your chains look amazing, you can't help but feel like the man of the hour. Buy quality jewelry, and you'll always step out of the house feeling like a million bucks.

Three Popular Chains to Start Your Collection

Ready to kickstart your chain collection? We think everyone should have a few essential pieces when building out their everyday jewelry.

Here are our most versatile, must-have CRAFTD chains:

  • The CRAFTD Cuban Chain: This Cuban chain features your classic chain design pattern. Wear a bold, heavy variation for an eye-catching appearance, or go slim to layer it with other pendants.
  • The CRAFTD Snake Chain: Wearing a snake chain adds suave confidence to your look. Its fluid movement makes it an impressive piece of jewelry. Wear it with your favorite tees or against bare skin.
  • The CRAFTD Figaro Chain: This piece has character. Try wearing our CRAFTD Figaro chain with your most expressive streetwear and other layered jewelry. 

Timeless Pieces: Tried and True

Now, know more about the types of chains that can help you look your best. Even though trends come and go, these popular chain styles have proven their worth over multiple decades. 

Finding a classic chain style that fits with your personality and style expression can add value to the other clothing and jewelry you wear. When you want great quality pieces, choosing CRAFTD jewelry is your best bet. 


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