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Article: What to wear with a Cuban Link Chain: Outfit Style Guide

Man in an open collar cuban shirt styling a gold cuban link chain

What to wear with a Cuban Link Chain: Outfit Style Guide

Every guy needs a classic Cuban Link Chain—it's a wardrobe essential. Chances are, you've got at least one in your jewellery collection, but if not, you may want to consider grabbing a couple of options.

Figuring out how to style your Cuban Chains for different seasons can be a bit overwhelming with all the styles and metals out there. So, we've put together some timeless looks for you to easily pair with your Cuban Link Chains all year long.

To keep things simple, we'll guide you through the seasons—from light and easy summer styles to layered looks for the fall. Feel free to jump ahead to the autumn winter looks, or join us from the beginning as we start with the summer essentials and gradually build up the layers. 

Man in pool wearing a Silver Cuban Link Chain and other men's jewellery

The Cuban Link Chains and jewellery highlighted in this style guide are designed to tackle whatever life throws your way. Each piece you'll come across is not just resistant to water, heat, sweat, and scratches, but also comes with a lifetime warranty—although, chances are you won't ever need it. 

And, if anything catches your eye, simply tap the image to explore it in more detail. Let's kick things off with some laid-back summer looks...

ICED Cuban Link Chain 8mm

Man with tattoos wearing a silver Cuban Link Chain

For a bold statement in a laid-back summer look, the ICED Cuban Link Chain and bracelet are your must-haves—just the right thickness, not too heavy, not too slim.

In the summer heat, opt for a cooler metal like silver—it's the more natural choice. Those additional ICED stones will catch the light, elevating the overall aesthetic and creating a more attention-grabbing appearance. It's the perfect choice for guys aiming to make a statement while keeping things clean and uncomplicated.

Gold Cuban Link Chain 8mm

Man with a black and white collar t-shirt wearing a Gold Cuban Link Chain and Gold Pendant

While a classic Cuban always holds its own, the open V-neck of this black collared shirt provides the perfect space to introduce a secondary gold piece. In this fit, the 8mm Gold Cuban Chain effortlessly complements the St. Jude pendant, resulting in a seamless and effortless pairing.

Men's Gold Cuban Link Chain and Gold Pendant

The added length of the pendant creates a symmetrical look, ensuring that neither piece competes for attention. White stripes on the top blend seamlessly with the lighter coloured trousers, connecting the entire outfit.

The result is a perfect fit—casual enough for daytime wear yet effortlessly transitioning into the evening, making it a versatile and understated choice for various occasions.

Silver Cuban Link Chain and Bracelet Set 8mm

Man wearing plain black t-shirt with a Silver Cuban Link Chain

Some looks withstand the test of time, and the clean black tee is a timeless essential in every man's wardrobe. Likewise, a classic 8mm Silver Cuban Link Chain should be too. Pairing both results not only in one of the simplest and low-risk choices but also one of the most impactful.

Enjoy the flexibility to dress it up or down as you please. There's no room for error. Whether you opt for a 4mm, 8mm, or 12mm Cuban Link Chain, make sure to balance it out with a matching bracelet for a clean and consistent everyday look.

Man's hand styling a silver Cuban Link Bracelet and silver rings

The simplicity of this look gives you the freedom to mix it up with some matching statement rings. Whether you opt for a single bold signet ring or choose to stack them on multiple fingers, the beauty of rings lies in their ability to make this process feel effortless. So, go ahead and have fun with it.

ICED Gold Cuban Link Chain 8mm

Man wearing a black t-shirt with a Gold ICED Cuban Link Chain

If you love the black tee vibe but want a more impactful, evening appearance, try switching metals – that's where the ICE factor comes back into play. A Gold ICED Cuban Link Chain with a basic black or charcoal tee is one of the most powerful combinations you can opt for. The contrast is guaranteed to turn heads.

No need to layer here—the ICED-out Cuban shines best on its own. Perfect for a summer evening, it's bold, grabs attention, and screams confidence.

18K Gold Cuban Link Chain Set 8mm

Man with open collar shirt wearing a Gold Cuban Link Chain and layered Gold Necklace

Here, you can see the impact of how a coordinated set comes together seamlessly. The lightweight nature of this shirt makes it the ideal choice for adding some extra layers. The short sleeves of the shirt provide the perfect canvas to showcase a matching 8mm Gold Bracelet along with an array of statement signet rings. 

Men's Gold Cuban Link Chain in 8mm and Gold Pendant Necklace

With summer evenings covered, let's explore the best ways to wear these looks throughout the day. Let's take a look at some statement outfit choices for grabbing a beer in the sun or lounging poolside. First up, the Gold 8mm Cuban set.

Gold Cuban Chain and Bracelet Set 8mm

Man wearing open collar shirt in the sun with Gold Cuban Link Necklace and Bracelet

Gold and Silver look great all year round, but you might notice a trend: Silver tends to steal the spotlight during the summer, while Gold enjoys more attention in the winter. It's mostly because Silver has a lighter, cooler feel, while Gold adds more warmth to your fit. But rules are made to be broken, and this open collar poolside look is a perfect example.

Men's Gold Cuban Link Bracelet and rings

The coordinated Gold Cuban Chain and Bracelet effortlessly complement the natural earthy tones of the shirt. But the seamless blend is no coincidence, thanks to the distinctive cut of the shirt – a Cuban Collar Shirt.

This style not only exudes a laid-back charm but also allows any chosen chain to command attention. Introduce an 8mm Gold Cuban, and it's a match made in heaven, creating a look that effortlessly combines style and comfort.

Silver Cuban Link Chain 4mm

In this similar summer-inspired look, we've opted for a classic Silver Cuban Link Chain to complement the lighter linen shirt and its timeless cut collar. Here, we've chosen a sleeker 4mm Chain with a bit of extra length at 60cm.

Man wearing a white shirt with a Silver Cuban Link 4mm Necklace

Opening up more than two buttons is a must to harmonize with the added length of the Cuban Chain. Whether it's two, three, or all buttons, the key lies in embracing the laid-back and relaxed feel of this shirt.

To maintain a balanced appearance and add a touch of sophistication, a secondary, thinner 2mm snake chain and matching silver ring have been introduced. The result is a look that is minimal, understated, and tailored for both everyday wear and wearing into the evening. 

Gold Cuban Link Chain 8mm

Man wearing an orange open shirt with a statement Gold Cuban Link Chain

The charm of a silk shirt lies in its ability to achieve a commanding style with apparent ease. While this outfit might give off an evening vibe at first glance, its versatility goes beyond formal occasions. The vibrant orange silk shirt effortlessly transitions into a laid-back poolside look, striking the perfect balance between boldness and nonchalance.

The key player in this fit is the choice of accessories, with a special nod to the Cuban Chain, especially the 18K Gold 8mm variation. To enhance the overall aesthetic, consider pairing it with an 8mm Gold Bracelet, subtly peeking out from beneath the relaxed open cuff.

ICED Cuban Link Chain 12mm

Man wearing denim shirt and Gold Cuban Chain and Bracelet set

Let's usher in autumn with a timeless favorite – the 8mm Gold Cuban. Dark, earthy tones prove to be the perfect companions for this timeless gold metal. Against the charcoal tee, the Gold Cuban effortlessly strikes a balance, providing just the right amount of contrast to make a statement while infusing a touch of warmth.

Man wearing denim shirt and Gold Cuban Chain and Bracelet set

The charm of this fit lies in its carefully curated elements. The olive green beanie, cargo pants, and classic denim shirt introduce essential layers, creating a fresh and dynamic autumnal look.

As it stands, this outfit holds its own, and a single solo Cuban Chain is all that's needed to enhance the layered aesthetic. This addition not only builds on the overall look but also introduces a powerful yet understated element to the outfit.

Rose Gold Cuban Link Chain 4mm

Man wearing black long sleeve t-shirt with a Rose Gold Cuban Link Chain and pendant

We've delved into Gold and Silver, but when autumn arrives, there's one Cuban Link Chain that truly steals the show—Rose Gold. This particular Cuban makes the most impact when paired with a statement pendant, especially against a thicker black tee or an earthy tone jumper. That's why the 4mm is often the go-to for layering.

Visual representation of what length to wear a Cuban Link Chain

Deciding the length and placement of your chains is entirely up to you—there are no right or wrong answers here. However, as a general rule, going for a shorter 50cm tends to give the most purposeful and put-together look.

The longer length from your favorite pendant will sit comfortably below your Cuban Chain, ensuring that neither competes for attention. It strikes the perfect balance, instantly transforming both chains into powerful statement pieces.

18K Gold Cuban Link Chain 4mm

Man wearing olive coloured shirt with a Gold Cuban Link Chain and layered Gold Pendant

In this autumnal outfit, we've added a single pendant but paired it with a secondary, thinner 2mm rope chain. The key to mastering this look is ensuring that the rope chain sits flush with your Cuban Chain. If it's too long, it might upset the balance and divert attention from your Cuban. On the flip side, if it's too short, it could risk creating a disjointed appearance.

Once again, the earthy green tones in this look command attention. The contrasting lighter white tee is purposefully chosen to enhance the visual impact of the Gold jewellery. This combination not only adds depth to the overall aesthetic but also allows the gold pieces to stand out. 

Gold Cuban Link Chain 12mm

Man wearing black open collar shirt with a statement 12mm Gold Cuban Chain

In this fit, we delve into layering, but not with clothingit's all about building up the jewellery. The choice of a bold Gold 12mm Cuban requires precision, and the execution is key. This thicker black denim shirt has been styled perfectly, allowing the Cuban's boldness to take centre stage. Adding more layers to this fit could potentially distract from the impact of the Cuban.

While a silver Cuban could be a suitable alternative, it risks making this autumnal fit feel too cold. Here, the gold strikes the right balance, introducing the warmth needed to avoid a summery feel. In this rare example, the contrast between gold and silver effortlessly goes unnoticed, allowing the Gold Cuban to sit against the silver stud buttons without distraction.

Silver Cuban Link Chain 12mm

Man wearing thick cable blue jumper and statement Silver Cuban Link Chain

This is where the 12mm Silver Cuban Chain truly stands out. Its lighter appearance thrives when paired with bolder and more vibrant colors, as showcased by the thicker, vivid blue jumper in this look. The jumper serves as the perfect backdrop, allowing the Cuban Chain to make a bold and commanding statement.

The thickness of this Cuban leaves little room for error when layering with thinner chains and pendants. In this fit, two similar style pendants are used for symmetry, including the distinctive Instincts pendant. These additions not only bring visual interest but also enhance the overall balance of the outfit, creating a striking and well-coordinated statement.

Man wearing red hat, white jumper and Silver Cuban Link Chain with matching rings

In this final pick, we explore an intriguing interplay of colours and textures. Despite the general rule that the silver tone of the Cuban usually pairs better with vivid colours, its seamless blend with the cream cable-knit jumper defies expectations. But the key here lies in its intended look—the thicker 12mm Cuban has been styled in an understated and purposeful way.

What truly catches the eye is the oxblood Rolls Royce cap, cleverly guiding your gaze upward. The Silver 12mm Cuban, layered with a Rose Pendant and Compass pendant, serves as an anchor, redirecting your attention downward. The addition of matching bands and statement signet rings gives this look a unique and well-balanced outfit.

Man wearing red hat, white jumper and Silver Cuban Link Chain with matching rings

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