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Article: How To Wear a Pocket Watch To Look Dapper in 2022

How To Wear a Pocket Watch To Look Dapper in 2022

How To Wear a Pocket Watch To Look Dapper in 2022

Record players and classic cars are two examples of items worth keeping around even when newer, more popular models are on the market. Just because something's been around for a while doesn't mean we need to do away with it — in fact, just the opposite.

Pocket watches are one invention that has since been improved upon. You're probably reading this on a device that makes it easier than ever to check the current time. Still, this accessory has a charm that transcends trends and is worth including in your jewelry.

Let's look into the history of pocket watches. Then, we'll talk about how you can wear this accessory and look good doing it.

What Is a Pocket Watch?

Before we go any further, let's refresh ourselves on pocket watches. This item is an accessory that was practical and stylish in its time. Essentially, someone wearing a pocket watch could have a clock on them at all times without carrying a cumbersome wall clock with them. 

The clip and chain on a pocket watch allow you to keep it securely attached to your clothing so that you can pull it out of your pocket and check it whenever needed. Though many people prefer to wear wristwatches today, this accessory is one that many still enjoy for its elegance and sophistication.

The History of the Pocket Watch

Every great accessory has an origin story. The pocket watch's origins and history are extensive, so we'll show you a few of the highlights.

Here are a few key facts to know about this accessories history and use:

  • Its design was originally an egg. In the 16th century, the first type of pocket watch was the Nuremberg egg. This accessory was round-shaped, and its miniature size made it ideal for transporting.
  • Its pocket functionality arrived in the 17th century. It wasn't until King Charles II made waistcoats customary that pocket watches took a newer, sleeker appearance. At this time, people began to attach pocket watches to their waistcoats and keep them in their pockets.
  • It was popular well into the 20th century. Though wristwatches eventually replaced the pocket watch, this accessory was well-loved for several centuries. The accessory was linked to promptness and punctuality.

What Are the Different Types of Pocket Watches?

If you're unfamiliar with this accessory, you might only imagine one type of pocket watch when thinking about this time-telling device. Although the functionality is mostly the same, there are several variations to this accessory that people have enjoyed over the years.

Keep reading to understand the differences between each type of pocket watch and learn which kind fits your vibe well.


One of the oldest styles of pocket watches is the open-face model. This kind included a pocket watch covered with a glass case. Rather than having another case enclose it, this model was easy to lift up and read in a hurry. The open-face left this watch more susceptible to scratches and damage, but it was much easier to read.


Fox hunting was a popular sport when this pocket watch style came on the scene. During this era, fox hunters liked the functionality of this spring-hinged watch. During hunting sessions, they could retrieve their pocket watch with one hand while holding the reins in the other.

You may also see this watch referred to as a savonnette, a popular soap type at the time. The watch gained this nickname because people believed it looked like round bars of savonnette soap.

Double Hunter

The double hunter watch allowed pocket watches to be multi-functional. While ordinary pocket watches served to give people the time in a matter of seconds, they'd still need to take it out of their pocket each time they wanted to look at the time. 

The double hunter pocket watch opened on both sides of the center clock, allowing someone to stand their pocket watch up on a table like a miniature desk clock. This function allowed people to enjoy the benefits of a portable and stationary clock in the same accessory.

Half Hunter

Half hunter pocket watches allowed the wearer to check the time without opening a case. The glass protection over the dial served as a miniature case, allowing the wearer to check time quickly without risking damage to the dial.

Pair Case

The pair case pocket watch was well-known during the 17th and 18th centuries. It contained one case that protected the movements of the clock inside and one covering that enclosed that case to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. These were originally ornate accessories and weren't affordable for many people until the 19th century.

Salesman Display

This pocket watch variation wasn't available to the public. It featured the inner workings and mechanisms of a watch, allowing customers to understand how their pocket watch would function in its case. 

How To Wear a Pocket Watch

Have you found a fascination for this historical accessory? You might enjoy the way it reminds you of a specific period. On the other hand, you might like pocket watches purely for their aesthetic value.

Whatever your reason for appreciating pocket watches, there's no reason you can't wear this accessory today. Here are three stellar ways to sport a pocket watch with your clothing to make a classic impression and enjoy a well-known jewelry style.

Pair It With a Vest

If you enjoy wearing vests often, pocket watches can be a terrific accent to your look. Consider pairing your vest with slim, straight-leg slacks and a pair of dress shoes or desert boots. Roll up your sleeves for a more casual look. 

When wearing a vest, you can keep a pocket watch in the vest pocket, making this clothing item and accessory a killer match.

Add It to Your Suit

Planning on wearing a three-piece suit sometime soon? If so, adding a pocket watch is a perfect way to upgrade your look and incorporate personal style into your look. When wearing a three-piece suit, you can attach a pocket watch to your suit's waistcoat. This accessory can upgrade your formal wear and set you apart from others.

Throw It In with Your Casual Wear

Wearing a pocket watch doesn't have to be confined to formal wear or nice attire. You can add a pocket watch to your casual clothing to pay homage to historical fashion in your everyday clothes. One way to try this style would be to attach the pocket watch to your jeans' belt loop and stick it in your pocket. 

Five More Tips for Looking Dapper

Pocket watches are a unique solution that can help upgrade your usual attire to include a retro piece of jewelry. When it comes to looking your best, there are several other tips you can keep in mind to achieve an elevated appearance.

Review these simple ways to make a significant difference in your style:

Keep Classic Jewelry Pieces Around

Classic jewelry can help upgrade your look. Pocket watches, signet rings, and sleek chain necklaces are all top-notch pieces that can help you look your best while staying connected to the styles of the past.

Opt for High-Quality Jewelry 

Low-quality jewelry can be tempting. Often, low-quality pieces offer shockingly-low prices, which can convince you to buy them quickly without much thought. However, these pieces can quickly become tarnished or lose their color.

Choosing high-quality CRAFTD jewelry is a safe bet that can help ensure your jewelry looks good no matter what. We use the best materials for our silver and gold jewelry so that you can always wear your jewelry without worry.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

Your jewelry is an extension of yourself. When it looks dirty, you might not notice it right away, but it can cause your overall look to appear less dapper. Cleaning your jewelry regularly is a terrific way to take good care of your pieces and present your best self to the world.

Opt for Subtle Luxury

There's nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Including staple pieces in your clothing and jewelry can ensure you always have all-time favorite pieces to fall back on. Our CRAFTD Snake chain and CRAFTD Signet ring are perfect examples of pieces that can upgrade your fit no matter what's trendy.

Coordinate Pieces With Your Clothing

What do you typically wear each day? If you're someone who tends to wear lots of earth-toned colors, coordinating your clothing with gold jewelry could help it blend well. In the same way, you could match silver to cooler tones.

Stay On-Trend With CRAFTD 

When you want to look your best, you don't have to look far and wide for high-quality jewelry. At CRAFTD, we make pieces to help you express your style, and we make those pieces last. Whether you want to purchase classic jewelry to help you stay connected to the styles of the past or keep up with what's trending, we've got your back. 

The Best Advice for Looking Your Best

There are many practical tips that can help you wear a pocket watch and other jewelry with style. But at the end of the day, your confidence is what pulls looks together. The right handcrafted jewelry can set you up for the winning shot, but your self-assurance is what wins the game.


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