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Article: Jewelry or Jewellery: How Do You Spell Jewellery?

Jewelry or Jewellery: How Do You Spell Jewellery?

Jewelry or Jewellery: How Do You Spell Jewellery?

In grade school, you might have learned a rule like "I before E, except after C," but that won't help you when it comes to spelling this word. If you've ever shopped for jewelry online, you'll notice a few different spellings of the word. Are some retailers getting it wrong? 

Keep reading to demystify some of the confusion around this word's spelling and to see how you can upgrade your look with top-notch accessories. 

The Main Reason Behind the Mixup

The primary reason you see multiple spellings for the word jewelry is that different English-speaking countries have their own spelling rules. For example, in the UK and Australia, it's common for terms to include slightly different letters than American English words. While English is one language, there are unique differences between British English and American English

No one is wrong or right. Each country bases its word on the French word jouel, which means "plaything." The country where jewelry is sold might use different spelling, but it doesn't change the meaning behind the product. Still, let's take a quick look at why countries might spell this word differently.


English, Australia, and the UK all agree on the fact that a double consonant should precede a suffix beginning with a vowel. This explains the double 'l' before the suffix in the word jewellery, which may help clarify this confusion. 


This spelling is the most common in the United States, but as we've discussed, it's not the only correct spelling. In addition, some in the UK and Australia have also adopted this spelling.

More Commonly Misspelled Jewelry Terms

If you ever browse jewelers' websites or shop around for new accessories, you'll notice several terms that are unique to the jewelry world. Many of these words can be complex and relate to rare and ornate gemstones, but some apply to many kinds of jewelry.

Here's a look at some of the most commonly misspelled jewelry terms out there:


This word refers to silver with a layer of gold plating covering it. Gold vermeil varies in quality depending on the type of gold used as the top layer. In many cases, this type of plated gold can look stellar and keep its appearance for years.


Here's another word with multiple spellings. You might see this term referred to as "millegrain," but it means the same thing. It indicates tiny dots of metal added to a piece of jewelry to enhance its aesthetic appearance. 


This term can be confusing if you've never heard of it before, but it plays a vital role in jewelry valuation. Have you ever found a piece of jewelry that you thought might be worth a lot?

An assay could help you determine its worth. An assay is a testing process to assess the quality of silver, gold, and other precious metals.


Wait a minute. Does this word have to do with gold or diamond? You've probably heard it in reference to both. The truth is that karat and carat are distinct words with separate meanings. Karats indicate the gold content in a piece of jewelry, while carats denote the weight of a diamond.

When you see a piece of gold jewelry labeled “18k,” you can remember that the k stands for karat, which tells you what amount of gold is in your jewelry per 24 parts.

How To Level Up Your Jewelry Game

Now that you know a bit more about the spelling of jewelry and its related terms, let's have a conversation about jewelry. How confident do you feel in your current collection? If your jewelry assemblage doesn't make you feel good about your appearance, it's time to kick things up a level. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading your pieces. These tips can help you feel better about your clothing and help you step into a feeling of self-assurance. 

Choose Pieces From a High-Quality Retailer

Whether you're shopping in the United States, the UK, or any other country, you'll want to purchase jewelry pieces that are worth their salt. In many cases, low-end retailers will try to offer attractive low prices for jewelry that looks trendy but isn't made well.

In these cases, it's always a good idea to go to the source. Check out the retailer behind the jewelry to find out if the materials used are legit.

Show off Your Personality

Choosing new pieces of jewelry for your collection can be fun, too. You don't have to repeatedly wear the same two pieces you've had all your life if you don't like them anymore. Stepping out with new jewelry that expresses your style and values can help you feel confident in your appearance and the first impression you make.

You can also use this style philosophy to pair your jewelry with your clothing. Do you find that you tend to gravitate more toward edgy clothing styles? If so, you can complement that with jewelry that suits your preference. On the other hand, if you like to keep your look simple and clean, your jewelry can reflect that.

Select Pieces That Last a Lifetime

You'd hate to purchase a piece of jewelry you like only for it to quickly fade and lose its value. Choosing high-quality pieces means selecting jewelry that will last a lifetime. 

At CRAFTD, we use superior materials that can stand up to whatever life throws your way. Our 18-karat plated gold and premium 316L stainless steel bracelets, chains, earrings, and rings are made to last. You can get wet, sweat outdoors, and do almost anything in your CRAFTD jewelry. It will stick around through it all.

Seven CRAFTD Pieces you Need in Your Life

Are you ready to take your jewelry collection to new heights? Even if you have a few pieces you like, throwing a few more items into your rotation is never a bad idea. Let's look at seven elite-quality pieces of CRAFTD jewelry that can help you express your personality.

The CRAFTD Crucifix

Sometimes, expressing your belief is necessary. Whether you're religious or you believe in the power of leadership and influence, the CRAFTD Crucifix is a pendant necklace that can symbolize your core values. 

This piece is one that has made waves in fashion for decades. Wear it alone, or pair it with your favorite chains for a more iconic look. We don’t expect it to go out of style anytime soon.

The CRAFTD Connell Chain

Think of the most dependable item of clothing you own. It might be a plain white tee shirt or a pair of jeans. When it comes to reliable jewelry, simple, attractive pieces can help you maintain a classy look without adding over-the-top details. 

Our CRAFTD Connell chain is a perfect addition to a low-key look. If you're feeling up for it, you can layer this simple chain with pendants that add character to your appearance.

The CRAFTD Rope Bracelet

Throwing on a bracelet is a terrific way to level up an everyday look. Even if you're just wearing a hoodie with jeans, the right bracelet can make you look put together.

Our CRAFTD Rope bracelet is an excellent bracelet choice when you want an option that isn't too fancy or too simple. Choose your ideal metal color to ensure your bracelet coordinates with your closet.

The CRAFTD Rose Earring

Sometimes, adding romantic details to your appearance is a win. If you typically dress with edgier accessories and clothing, our CRAFTD Rose Earring can create a complementary contrast.

Plus, you can expect to get lots of compliments while wearing it. It's a statement piece that can help you add a sense of personality to your jewelry while complementing your other pieces.

The CRAFTD North Star Pendant

Your jewelry can be deeply personal. Think about your life story for a moment. Many people arrive at a place in their lives where they realize how essential it is to follow their truth. As a result, the road gets harder, but the results are sweeter.

The CRAFTD North Star Pendant can symbolize that inner truth and light that guides you onward in moments of uncertainty. Not only that, but it also looks phenomenal. Pair it with chains in your favorite metal color to make it your own.

The CRAFTD Pendant

Knowing who you are can affect every part of your life. When you have a keen self-awareness about your role in the world, you can step into action and make things happen. 

Being self-assured is part of who we are at CRAFTD. Our CRAFTD Signature pendant is a reminder of that. You can wear this necklace alone or pair it with other necklaces for a busier look. Regardless, it’s a reminder to take full advantage of your one-of-a-kind nature.

The CRAFTD Tennis Bracelet

What’s more classic than a tennis bracelet? This iced-out piece of jewelry is an ideal article to turn to when you need to add some flash to your look. Keep our CRAFTD Tennis bracelet on hand so you can turn heads when needed. 

Looking Sharp Is Easier Than You Think

It’s good to know how to spell jewelry, but it’s even better to know how to buy the right pieces and wear them with confidence. At CRAFTD, we’re happy to hook you up with high-quality pieces that can help you look your best. 


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