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Article: Men's Rings Fashion: 5 Ring Styling Tips

Men's Rings Fashion: 5 Ring Styling Tips

Men's Rings Fashion: 5 Ring Styling Tips

Wearing rings isn't something exclusive to celebrities and style icons. As a matter of fact, wearing rings and other jewelry can make you look elite and feel confident no matter your current style philosophy. 

Still, if you're new to wearing rings or jewelry, we get that. Today, we'll show you a few tips to help you get into wearing killer rings and styling them with panache. Even for ring-wearing pros, we have some unique insight into how to up your game. 

Before we get started, let's look at why wearing rings can benefit you. Then, we'll explore how you can take your jewelry to the next level with a few effortless ring-wearing tips.

Why Wear Rings?

We often incorporate the fashion of those surrounding us into our clothing. You might wear a particular brand of sneakers because that's what your brothers wear, or you might opt for a certain hairstyle because it's popular among your friends.

Sometimes, this influence can be positive. For example, you might have a trendsetting friend who has introduced you to different types of jewelry. On the other hand, if those around you don't often wear rings, chains, or other jewelry, you might wonder why wearing jewelry is something to consider. 

Let's look at a few reasons to incorporate rings into your style:

Rings Tie Your Look Together

Perhaps you're someone who already feels comfortable wearing chains and pendant necklaces. If so, you probably appreciate how they contribute personality to your clothing to help you look more put-together and expressive.

Adding rings to your jewelry collection can allow you to maximize your style presentation while aesthetically balancing your fit and tying your drip together.

They Make a Solid First Impression

Handshakes, waving, fist-bumps, and peace signs are all common greeting gestures in western culture. When you meet someone for the first time, you'll likely introduce yourself with one of these salutations, drawing attention to your hands momentarily.

When you wear rings, others can't help but notice your style directly or subliminally. From the first handshake, those you meet will recognize you're someone who puts care into your appearance and expression.

First impression? Consider it locked in.

Rings Can Communicate Your Value

Did you know rings are more than an accessory? Throughout history, rings have communicated significance in several ways.

Let's take a look at their versatility:

  • Signet Rings: Historically, signet rings represented power and status. Today, wearing a signet ring can help you symbolically express self-assurance. 
  • Wedding Rings: While it may be common knowledge, it's worth mentioning that rings worn on the left-hand ring finger in Western cultures portray romantic devotion and as a sign of matrimony.
  • Crest Rings:Crests are another meaningful symbol that has been displayed in jewelry. Those who wear rings with crests shown on them may do so to highlight their heritage and family origins.

Some say the fingers where you wear your rings hold significance, too. For example, wearing a pinky ring can communicate leadership and confidence, while wearing a ring on your thumb can convey self-assertion. These aren't hard-and-fast rules, but you can use this information to curate your rings and influence others' perceptions of you.

Five Ring Styling Tips

Now that you know why rings can add value to your look, let's talk about how to master ring styling. Ultimately, you get to choose how you wear your jewelry, but we've got a few ideas to help you out if you're drawing a blank. 

Take a look, and try a few yips out if you'd like. Then, we'll introduce you to the CRAFTD rings that can upgrade your jewelry.

Consider Your Personality

Before you buy any rings, consider your personality. What kind of impression do you want to make on the world? If your attitude is bold and assertive, try adding signet rings and bold jewelry into your collection.

On the other hand, if your essence is more subdued, you might invest in several everyday bands that can add a slight upgrade to your overall appearance.

Catch the Vibe

Before you slip on a bold statement ring or an everyday band, it's wise to take a step back. Try evaluating your entire look from a bird's eye view. Are you going for a casual streetwear vibe, or are you getting ready for a formal event?

Consider the occasion and evaluate your entire fit, including hair and shoes. Then, add rings to accentuate the magic that's already happening with your look.

Coordinate Your Rings

After picking out rings that suit your personality and look, it's time to arrange them. Rather than putting them on at random, try a few different combinations on multiple fingers to find the ensemble that highlights your fit the best.

Contemplate Your Style Inspiration

Sometimes, looking to rap icons and celebrities is the best way to find new inspiration for your jewelry. For example, the modern pop king Harry Styles has made a habit of wearing multiple rings on each hand. Rappers such as Offset and Drake have also been known to sport eye-catching diamond statement rings on both hands. 

Staying in touch with these celebrity styles can allow you to keep a pulse on jewelry trends and keep your appearance looking as sharp as ever.

Mix and Match Your Metals

One way to step up your style is to invest in silver and gold jewelry. Doing this can permit you to sport all-silver and all-gold looks if you'd like while also allowing you to mix and match if you choose to. 

CRAFTD Rings To Love

If you've been interested in wearing more rings, it's never too late to jump in and get started. 

Let's look at the CRAFTD rings that can help you step up your style game: 

Band Ring

Are you someone who prefers to wear more minimalistic styles? There's nothing wrong with sticking with classic everyday jewelry. One ring that may fit your style philosophy is our CRAFTD Band Ring. You can wear it solo or consider pairing it with other rings for a stacked look. 

Live Free Band Ring

Maybe you're somewhere in-between. You're not someone who tends to go for bold clothing and jewelry, but you appreciate making a strong impression. In that case, our CRAFTD Live Free Band Ring is an ideal addition to your collection. 

The engraved text on the band is a reminder to take your life by the reins. Wear it to accent your look in silver or gold.

Rope Ring

Are you searching for a band that helps you add some more aesthetic value to your clothing? Our CRAFTD Rope ring is an iconic piece that looks terrific when paired with your other jewelry. We think it makes a killer accent for statement rings and chain bracelets. 

St. Christopher Ring

Your life's story is unique. Every twist and turn in the road has made your story one-of-a-kind, and no one knows your journey as well as you do.

Our St. Christopher ring reminds you that there's always a force of protection and support behind you as you create a more meaningful future. Wear it in stunning silver or gold for a piece of jewelry that catches compliments. 

Signet Ring

Signet rings used to be a tangible reminder of status and power used to authenticate documents with your stamp of approval. Today, you can keep that same energy when wearing a CRAFTD signet ring

You can pair this iconic ring with others or wear it solo. It's a solid choice for both comfortable fits and power looks. 

Crown Ring

There's nothing wrong with self-assurance. If you're someone who likes communicating confidence with your clothing and accessories, our CRAFTD Crown ring is perfect for you. Wear this statement ring with your favorite layered chains and other jewelry for a bolder, coordinated look.

Avia Ring

Perhaps you're someone who enjoys the look of the signet ring, but you want to go a bit bolder. In that case, our CRAFTD Avia ring could be perfect for you. Wear it with other band rings for an even more compelling look.

Enjoy Your Rings for a Lifetime

If you've tried to buy jewelry in the past, you might know what it's like to get cheap jewelry that begins tarnishing and losing its quality after only a few days. It's not only disappointing, but it can also be expensive having to replace sub-par chains, rings, and jewelry. 

We believe in quality and longevity. For that reason, we make our jewelry with excellent materials – premium 316L stainless steel and 18-karat plated gold. Your pieces won't rust or tarnish. 

At CRAFTD, we believe your jewelry should be able to endure. All of our rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, and pendants are waterproof, heatproof, and sweatproof. You can go for a swim with your everyday CRAFTD chains or wear your favorite CRAFTD bracelets at the gym. When you see the CRAFTD logo, you'll know your jewelry is made to last. 

Own Your Style with Rings

If you've been looking for a sign to start wearing rings, this is it. This accessory makes for an excellent first impression, and it can boost your style game. 

Finding reputable craftsmanship is essential whether you're shopping for rings or looking for other jewelry basics. When you're on the lookout for more jewelry to add to your wardrobe, you can count on our CRAFTD collections to have fresh pieces that are perfect for the job. 


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