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Article: Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which Should You Get?

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which Should You Get?

Silver or Gold Jewelry: Which Should You Get?

Birthdays and the New Year remind us that we're entering a new season of life. It's easy during these obvious milestones to evaluate whether you're putting your best foot forward in the world. 

During the rest of the year, it's easy to get caught up in routines. So we'll go ahead and ask you outright –– when's the last time you refreshed your jewelry collection with pieces that make you look and feel your best?

You owe it to yourself to upgrade your drip now and then. Today, we'll talk about how to coordinate different colored jewelry for the fits you wear. Then, we'll show you some of the best gold and silver jewelry you can add to your collection. 

What's the Difference Between Gold and Silver Jewelry?

Should you go for gold or silver jewelry when you invest in new chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings? You don't have to make this decision randomly. By looking at a few differences in these metal colors, you can make an informed decision that works best for your vibe.

Keep reading to see how each of these colors is unique.

They Each Symbolize Personality Traits

Did you know that colors can reflect subliminal meaning? The clothes you wear, the car you drive, and even what you post online can cause people to associate particular character traits with you based on color. Silver and gold are no different.

Here's what these colors symbolize:

  • Silver: Many people associate silver with the future and technology. People may also think of intuition, innovation, sophistication, and introspection.
  • Gold: Wealth is something others often link to the color gold. This warm, gleaming color may also suggest elegance, high status, success, and an outgoing personality. 

These associations aren't official rules you have to live by. You can be an introvert and still sport gold or silver while maintaining a traditional sense of style. Still, knowing the meanings behind each color may help you feel connected to either silver or gold.

Gold and Silver Can Highlight Your Skin Tone

When you're deciding between gold and silver jewelry, it may also be helpful to know that these colors tend to highlight different skin tones. Those with warm undertones may enjoy wearing gold more, and those with cooler undertones may find that silver feels more natural. 

Again, there are no rules. Still, learning your skin's undertone might persuade you to choose more silver or gold for your collection. 

How To Coordinate Different Fits with Gold and Silver Jewelry

Let's talk about how the clothing you wear can influence the color of the jewelry you may want to choose. In each of these scenarios, you may want to envision yourself to feel out whether gold or silver suits you best. Still unsure? Look at social media or customer reviews for inspiration. 

Try Silver For Dressed Up Events

Imagine that you have a formal occasion coming up. Perhaps you're attending a black-tie wedding or a charity gala. You'll probably want to wear a black suit with sleek black shoes and well-groomed hair at events like these. 

As we mentioned, silver can represent sophistication. Here are our silver jewelry recommendations for this kind of affair:

  • The Band Ring: A CRAFTD band ring is one of the fundamental pieces every person should have in their jewelry collection. Wearing this ring with our CRAFTD signet ring can make for a powerful, classy combination.
  • The Signet Ring: Signet rings have been a symbol of power and prestige for centuries, if not longer. Wearing our signet ring with your formal apparel can give a hint of refinement to your look. 
  • The Snake Chain: A snake chain is as smooth as it gets. When you're looking for jewelry that can add personality to your look while keeping it classy, this is the piece to go for. Try wearing this necklace under your bow tie so that it's visible even at a black-tie affair.
  • The Snake Bracelet: An excellent pair for the snake necklace is our CRAFTD Snake Bracelet. Its smooth, sleek appearance will make it look like a natural fit for your upscale clothing. 

Try Out Gold With Streetwear

Some days call for relaxed fits. Still, even on chill outings with your friends, you'll want to represent your style. Whether you're getting dressed for a weekend in NYC, a local concert, or Sunday brunch, adding jewelry to your streetwear can ensure you always make the best impression with friends and newcomers. 

Here are our jewelry recommendations for adding jewelry to your hoodies, sneakers, sweatshirts, or graphic tees:

  • The CRAFTD Cuban Chain: One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry you can own is a Cuban chain. Think of this chain as the plain white tee shirt in your collection. It's perfect for daily wear, and it can boost even the most relaxed fits. 
  • The CRAFTD Rose Pendant: When you want to express your personality, the Rose pendant can help. Lean into your love for passion with this expressive pendant. 
  • The CRAFTD Dagger Earring: When you want to add some boldness to your weekend apparel, our dagger earring can make that possible. This earring is an eye-catching piece, so be prepared to receive compliments. 
  • The CRAFTD St. Christopher Ring: Wearing statement rings is another way to highlight your style and beliefs simultaneously. This St. Christopher ring pairs well with layered jewelry, and it can also serve as a reminder that your journey in life is meaningful. 

Throw on Some Ice When You Want to Stunt

Not all events fall into the polarities of weekend relaxation to formal sophistication. Some occasions may call for you to pull out a fit that wipes the floor clean. When you want to show off your drip in a more expressive way, wearing ice is essential. 

Let's look at our recommendations for ice you can wear to show off. 

  • The CRAFTD Iced Cross: This piece of jewelry is more than flashy; it's classic. Wearing an iced cross with your other chains and pendants can add a layer of self-assurance to your look. 
  • The CRAFTD Tennis Chain: You don't have to own a private jet to dress like you have one in your airplane hanger. Wearing our CRAFTD Tennis chain is one way to bring out your highest self at any party
  • The CRAFTD Tennis Bracelet: What's a better match for the tennis chain than a CRAFTD Tennis Bracelet? This piece of jewelry is one that many have admired for decades. Pair it with oversized chains and designer clothes for a look reminiscent of Quavo's fashion sense.

Compliment Your Skin Tone For Shirtless Occasions

Whether you're swimming with friends or out on a run, you'll want to be prepared for your jewelry to look good against your bare skin. 

Here are our favorite pieces to wear when clothes are optional.

  • The CRAFTD Figaro Chain: This chain bears an eye-catching pattern that can accent your skin during any activity. It's striking in both silver and gold, so you might want to buy it in each color. 
  • The CRAFTD Toggle Bracelet: Less isn't always more. Wearing our CRAFTD Toggle bracelet is an excellent idea when you want to show off. It's got a simple toggle clasp for easy on and off if things get heated. 

Keep Your Clothing Color in Mind

When you're choosing between gold and silver jewelry, you'll also want to take a look at your closet. Evaluating the clothing you already own can help you decide which one works for you. 

Typically, silver works well with deep blues, purples, black, gray, teal, and pink colors. On the other hand, gold tends to suit colors like white, orange, olive green, brown, and red.

Tips for Wearing Silver or Gold Jewelry

After you pick out new pieces to fill out your jewelry collection, there are a few ways you can maximize your style potential.

Let's explore these quick tips for styling your gold and silver jewelry. 

  • Remember that you can mix metals. If you don't want to commit to wearing just one color of jewelry, that's okay. Mixing gold and silver intentionally can add depth and character to your appearance. 
  • Try layering your pieces for a confident look. If you purchase multiple gold chains, you don't have to switch them out and wear them individually. You can wear multiple chains, pendants, and rings simultaneously for a more intriguing appearance. 
  • Invest in excellent quality. If you're about to buy new jewelry, it's best to go with pieces that use superior craftsmanship and materials. 
  • Choose pieces that reflect who you are. Whether you're more into gold or silver, it's essential to select jewelry that aligns with your vibe and vision for your life. 

Get Inspired by Our Collections

If you're feeling stumped and you want to explore more gold and silver jewelry, you can do so by browsing our collections. We have all gold and all silver categories you can scan to see what jumps out and catches your eye. 

Let CRAFTD Take Your Look Up a Notch

Whether you're treating yourself to new jewelry or hooking up a friend with new gift chains, buying your silver and gold accessories from a reputable retailer is necessary. At CRAFTD, we're dedicated to using the best materials so that you can look terrific in your gold and silver for life. 


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