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Article: Most Expensive Jewelry: 5 Most Expensive Pieces

Most Expensive Jewelry: 5 Most Expensive Pieces

Most Expensive Jewelry: 5 Most Expensive Pieces

People say diamonds are the height of luxury, but the truth is that diamonds only scratch the surface. Many gemstones worldwide have extravagant value, and it's fascinating to discover more about the earth's most precious gems in jewelry today.

Exploring these valuable stones can deepen your appreciation if you're into jewelry. We'll examine what makes gemstones valuable, and then we'll show you a few rapper's chains that have made history for their extravagance. 

What Are the Most Valuable Gemstones?

Let's start by looking at the most precious gemstones on a global scale. As we mentioned, most people think of diamonds as luxurious stones and seek to own diamond jewelry or give it as a gift. But as valuable as diamonds are, there are so many precious stones that blow diamonds out of the water.

Check out a few gemstones that can make diamonds seem like pocket change in comparison:

Black Opal

Opals are already precious gemstones, but black opals are otherworldly. This gem features a dark core with a fantastic display of colors exploding throughout the stone. They originate from a region in New South Wales, making them a prize of Australian nature. 

Red Beryl

Beryls have been a precious stone for years, but red beryls are among the rarest in the beryl family. This gemstone has been found in several U.S. states, but only the ones mined in the Wah Wah mountains in Utah are high-quality. This red stone can fetch nearly ten grand per carat, making it quite impressive. 


What's cooler than a precious gem that changes colors? This stone is one of the most breathtaking gemstone varieties, and they're found in many countries worldwide. Since they're usually found in smaller sizes, it's unbelievably valuable when a larger stone is found. Larger alexandrites are worth nearly $70,000 per carat.


Perhaps you've heard of emeralds being a coveted precious stone. Their rich green hue makes them an eye-catching prize in many gemstone collectors' collections. Although many can purchase a flawed emerald, those without imperfections are exponentially more costly. 


Rubies are another well-known gemstone that many desire alongside emeralds and diamonds. They're loved for their vibrant spectrum of red hues and fiery quality.

Many ancient civilizations prized this gemstone, and it's no wonder it has persevered as a well-loved precious stone throughout the years. Depending on how flawless a ruby is, it can cost nearly $100,000 per carat. 

Blue Diamonds

If you thought diamonds could be expensive, wait til you hear about blue diamonds. This diamond variety is rare and coveted by many gem collectors. Whenever one is auctioned off, it can go for millions of dollars per carat. That's some serious ice. 

5 of the Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces 

We've covered some of the most valuable gemstones. Now, let's check out some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry worldwide.

Here's a look at the top five priciest jewelry pieces in history:

  1. The Pink Star: Pink diamonds are some of the most valuable gemstones worldwide. The pink star broke the record for vivid pink diamonds when it sold for an astonishing 71.2 million dollars.
  2. The Oppenheimer Blue: This stone is the world's largest vivid blue diamond to hit the auction at 14.62 carats. It sold for $57.5 million.
  3. Memory of Autumn Leaves & Dreams of Autumn Leaves: This pair of pear-shaped earrings is mismatched. Together, they auctioned for 57.4 million dollars.
  4. The Winston Pink Legacy: This gemstone originally set a record for pink diamonds, going for $50.7 million. 
  5. The Blue Moon of Josephine: This 12.03-carat blue diamond was purchased for one lucky seven-year-old for $48.4 million.

5 Costly Chains Owned by Rappers

These gemstones are obviously impressive, but they might not be as intriguing to you if elegant jewelry isn't your style. Hip-hop jewelry also maintains a history of impressive expensive jewelry, and it's worth paying homage to these high-dollar chains.

Let's look at five mind-blowing chains rappers spent millions on:

Drake's Owl Chain

If you're already a fan of this musician and rapper, you might be aware of his owl chain referenced in an Instagram photo from 2020. While this chain isn't the most expensive, it's still impressive at $120 million. This chain contains 18k rose gold and 343 diamonds on its pendant.

Quavo's Ratatouille Chain

Fans of Migos already know the rappers in this group love their chains. One outstanding chain is Quavo's Ratatouille chain, which references a lyric from the song "Bad and Boujee."

This self-referencing chain is worth $250k and features white diamonds covering a smaller Quavo, also wearing gold chains. It's a meta masterpiece.

Kanye's Horus Chain

It wouldn't be a discussion about hip-hop fashion without mentioning Kanye. Kanye's Horus chain made its debut in 2010, but it's maintained its spot as one of the most expensive chains worn by rappers since then. The Horus chain is made of 24k gold and is worth $300,000.

Gucci Mane's Twin Panther Chain

Cool chains don't have to be gigantic to be worth a lot, and Gucci Mane's Twin Panther Chain proves it. This piece contains 4,600 diamonds and weighs 165 carats. Though it's not enormous, this chain is worth a staggering $500,000.

Pharell's NERD Chain

Pharell is a versatile creative in the music industry, making history as an artist and producer in multiple genres. He's also got an impressive chain collection. One of the most valuable chains in hip-hop is Pharell's NERD chain, which features many diamonds and precious stones, and is worth one million dollars. 

Chains and Pendants for Your Collection

While you might not have access to record-breaking gemstones and chains, you can still invest in jewelry that helps you step up your style game. At CRAFTD, we're happy to help you level up your drip and feel confident wearing chains, pendants, bracelets, and other jewelry.

If you're ready to expand your jewelry collection to include more impressive details, we've got your back.

Here are a few of our favorite chains and pendants you can wear to rev up your fits:

The CRAFTD Cuban Chain

Wearing the oversized version of our Cuban chain is a great move, especially if you have plans with friends to go out on the town and make a lasting impression.

We make our jewelry with 18k plated gold, and we make it to last. Wear your chains swimming, rock climbing, or anything else. They'll make you look fresh no matter what. 

The CRAFTD Tennis Necklace

Who couldn't use more ice in their jewelry collection? Our CRAFTD Tennis Necklace features eye-catching stones that can take your drip to new heights. Wear this piece alone or pair other pendants with it for a more exaggerated look. It might not be worth $1 million, but you can still act like it is. 

The CRAFTD Crucifix Pendant

The crucifix has been a well-known symbol in hip-hop jewelry for years. This Crucifix pendant is often included among other chains and evokes emotion and imagery for so many, no matter your religious beliefs. 

Wear this pendant with other chains to bulk up your accessories. It's a classic jewelry element that looks good with your loungewear and street style alike. 

The CRAFTD Wolf Pendant

Here's a pendant that can help you express your personality and style. If you're someone who tends to be the leader of the pack, our CRAFTD Wolf pendant may symbolize your spirit.

But you don't have to relate to this pendant for it to look good and elevate your jewelry. Choose gold or silver for an edgy jewelry element you can have fun with. 

The CRAFTD Stone Cross Pendant

The cross is a powerful symbol that represents leadership and unquenchable belief. Our CRAFTD Stone Cross Pendant puts a gothic twist on the well-known emblem. It's a piece you can wear when you want to impress.

This onyx-adorned cross looks excellent in your selection of gold or silver. Wear it solo, or layer it with your favorite chains. 

The CRAFTD Hamsa Pendant

The Hamsa has long been known to be a symbol of protection. This symbol may have faith connotations for you, making it even more meaningful. Wear it to start conversations and remind yourself of your good fortune.

At the end of the day, the CRAFTD Hamsa pendant is a piece you can wear to remember that you're on your way up. Any L you take will come up as a win in the end.

The CRAFTD Paradise Pendant

Some jewelry manufacturers ask you to be careful with your jewelry, noting that you should take it off when you're showering, swimming, or in harsh sunlight. We won't do that.

The CRAFTD paradise pendant is one that looks fresh with your favorite streetwear or your bare skin. So go ahead and show it off at the pool, on a hike, or even in the shower. Our pieces are heatproof, waterproof, and sweatproof, so they'll help you look incredible even while wet. 

You Deserve To Be Proud of Your Drip

Your jewelry doesn't have to be millions of dollars for you to feel like it. You deserve long-lasting jewelry highlighting your style and essence while elevating your appearance. When you wear CRAFTD, you can trust that your chains and pendants will get you looking A-1 and keep their quality for years. 



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