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Article: 5 Steps on How To Remove Rings From Swollen Fingers

5 Steps on How To Remove Rings From Swollen Fingers

5 Steps on How To Remove Rings From Swollen Fingers

There are some pieces of jewelry you may take off daily. Maybe one necklace starts to rub your neck, and you can't sleep with it on, or you have an earring you take out before bed.

On the other hand, some pieces of jewelry you might forget to take off. Let's say you typically wear a ring on one of your fingers, but you haven't taken it off since the weather has warmed up. If you try to take your ring off in the heat of the day, you may notice that your finger is too swollen to allow it to slide off easily.

Today, let's discuss the protocol for removing rings from a swollen finger. By following a few simple steps, you may be able to remove a stuck ring without causing any additional pain. 

Why Do Ring Fingers Swell?

When a ring gets stuck on your hand, it's usually because the finger it's on has swollen, making it challenging for the ring to come off. But this can happen for a few different reasons.

The first reason fingers swell is due to biological factors. If your body is retaining water, your hands and feet may appear more swollen than usual.

Second, fingers swell because of changes in the weather. If you live in a climate that experiences summer and winter, you may observe that your rings feel looser in the winter than in summer. This change in ring tightness is because heat causes your body to swell as it tries to cool your body temperature. 

Lastly, your fingers may swell when you put on a ring that's too tight. If you've ever tried on a friend's ring that was too small for you, you might have experienced your finger swelling as you tried to pull it off. This swelling occurs because the too-small ring restricts blood flow, causing your finger to swell. 

The Easiest Way To Remove Stuck Rings 

It's not impossible to get a ring off when your finger is swollen if you know what to do. Whether your engagement ring, wedding ring, or another fashion ring is stuck, trying the following five methods may help get you out of this tight spot.

1. Try the Wrap Method

Let's say you tried on a ring that was way too small for you, but you didn't know it until afterward. You can use dental floss or a piece to help get the ring off:

  1. Slide one end of the string (or dental floss) under your ring.
  2. Wrap the other end of the string repeatedly around the swollen area tightly so that it shrinks the size of your finger. 
  3. Pull the first end of the string to help wiggle the ring over the wrapped area until it slides off. 

2. Use Petroleum Jelly

Using a lubricating substance can help remove a stuck ring. If all you have is petroleum jelly, you can apply this to your ring and the finger it's stuck on. Twist the ring as you spread the jelly. It may begin to twist off with the help of the lubricant.

This ring removal method also works with vegetable oil, hair conditioner, or butter. 

3. Give Windex a Shot

If you're desperate for help, you can use Windex to help loosen your ring. Although this spray is typically most helpful in cleaning windows and mirrors, it can be a lubricant that helps your ring loosen. Spray it on your swollen finger and begin twisting your ring. 

Note that if you are someone who has sensitivities to cleaning supplies, you should likely avoid this method. 

4. Use a Cup of Ice Water

One of the reasons your fingers swell is because of heat. On the other hand, cool helps swollen fingers shrink and un-swell. 

If you've tried on a ring you cannot remove, you can try dipping your hand into a bowl of ice water. The ice causes the blood vessels to constrict, decreasing the swelling and making it easier for the ring to slide off. 

If you don't want to dip your whole hand into the water, you can also try applying an ice pack to the affected area. Leaving the ice pack on your swollen finger may help ease the bloated appearance and numb the discomfort of having a stuck ring.

5. Try Lotion Around Your Knuckle

Do you have any hand lotion lying around? If so, applying it to a tight ring can help you loosen it. The lotion can act as a lubricant, allowing it to twist around your finger and slide off easily. 

If you try this tip, ensure you only apply the lotion to the finger with the stuck ring. Otherwise, you might have difficulty getting a firm grasp on the ring to remove it. 

What To Do if Your Ring Won't Come Off

If you try these steps to remove your ring, and it still won't come off, you have a few options. 

Although you may have to part with your ring in the process, there are other ways to remove a tight ring in emergency scenarios. Keep reading to see what to do when a ring doesn't budge.

Seek Medical Help

If you've tried on a ring that is now cutting off your circulation, it may be time to get more serious help. You can go to the emergency room or call the fire department to have them cut off your ring. 

It may sound intimidating to have your ring cut off. But emergency rooms and firefighters have special tools that allow them to cut your ring off without hurting you.

Go to a Jeweler

If you need to get your ring cut off, but it's not an emergency, consider visiting a jeweler in town. Like emergency rooms and the fire department, they also have ring cutters that can remove your ring without hurting you.

Additionally, a jeweler may be able to help you salvage any stones in an engagement or wedding ring to reuse them in a ring that fits. 

How To Replace Your Rings

Losing a valued piece of jewelry can be devastating, depending on its importance to you. If you need to cut your ring off, there are a few things to consider when replacing it.

Even if you can remove your ring without a ring cutter, you may decide that it's time to purchase one that doesn't get stuck as easily. In that case, follow a few guidelines when choosing a replacement.

Consider the Right Size

First, you'll want to measure your finger size to ensure you purchase a new ring that fits comfortably. You may decide to measure your finger at several points in the day to get an accurate idea of your average finger size

Think About Your Current Style

Next, consider your current style when choosing to replace any piece of jewelry. Even if you had a ring you loved years ago, you might choose a more contemporary style to represent your taste now.

Let's say you had a signet ring given to you by a family member. To replace it, you might opt for a classy signet ring with a modern touch to complement your current clothing choices.

Choose Something Meaningful to You

If you're replacing a piece of jewelry that had personal meaning to you, you can choose a new piece with that meaning in mind. For example, let's say you want to replace a ring that reminds you of your spiritual or religious upbringing. Selecting a St. Christopher ring can allow you to stay true to your roots while accenting your style in a modern way.

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The Bottom Line

Getting a ring stuck on your finger is never a fun event. Although a stuck ring can be inconvenient, there are ways to remove it without hurting yourself. However, in the event of an emergency, you should seek medical attention or assistance from the fire department to get a ring off.

When you want new rings that fit, we've got your back at CRAFTD. Check out our collection of rings that suit your style and will last ages. 



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