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Article: What Does Gold Represent: The Meaning Explained

What Does Gold Represent: The Meaning Explained

What Does Gold Represent: The Meaning Explained

Whether we know it or not, everything we wear communicates something about who we are. You probably heard from your grandparents that tattoos and jewelry would express something negative about your character, but today, that couldn't be further from true.

When it comes to jewelry, even the color you wear can influence people's thoughts about your style, personality, and outlook on the world. That's because all colors have meanings behind them.

Let's learn why colors have hidden symbolism and what it means to wear gold.

How Colors Can Impact Perception

Have you ever looked at a person wearing red and thought they looked confident? Perhaps you've seen someone dressed in yellow from head to toe and associated them with happiness and playfulness. If you've ever had thoughts like these, you've already begun understanding the meanings behind different colors.

The reason these colors can impact your perceptions, mood, and even how hungry you are has to do with a few essential factors: psychological wiring, biological conditioning, spiritual tradition, and cultural conditioning. 

For example, what comes to mind when you think of the colors blue and pink? You probably thought that blue represents boys and pink represents girls. However, this association is primarily due to social conditioning. When you look at how people viewed red and blue in the past, red was considered a masculine color while blue was deemed more feminine

These examples show that color influences us whether we like it or not. So you might as well use it to your advantage, right?

The Meaning Behind Gold

Let's talk about your jewelry. If you're someone who wears gold, there are so many personality traits and concepts that you can communicate daily without speaking a word.

Here's a deeper look at the meanings of gold jewelry:


Did you know gold was once a form of currency? Throughout history, many societies have regarded gold as extremely valuable. Those who had it were usually wealthy, and it has never lost that reputation.


Thousands of years ago, people used gold to construct idols and places of worship. Using gold for this purpose signifies magnitude and importance.

Today, many people have things coated or embellished with gold details just for the grand look of it. It's a metal color that makes a statement and commands admiration.


Because gold is warmer on the color spectrum, it can also elicit feelings of warmth and kindness. People may emotionally feel closer to someone who wears gold over silver because of this warmth. 


What color metal does a first-place winner receive? Gold. This metal has a reputation that precedes it in the best way. When something is the best, it's called the 'gold standard.' Wearing gold can be a symbol of success before you get the chance to announce your accomplishments. 

The Meaning of Gold in Different Countries

In different countries and religions, colors can hold different meanings, too. Here's a brief list of how people across the world view gold jewelry:

  • Canada and U.S.A.: Gold tends to signify ability and abundance in the North American continent. 
  • South America: In South America, you'll find gold in many church settings. It is also known for signifying wealth.
  • China: For many who live in China, gold is a significant presence in the home, attracting wealth and prosperity.
  • Hinduism: Hindu idols are often crowned with a gold halo representing sage wisdom. For Hindus, gold can also symbolize self-improvement.
  • Christianity: For those in the Christian tradition, gold can indicate strength, power, and divinity. 

What Does Silver Represent?

Perhaps you're someone who wears more silver jewelry than gold. In the same way that gold can impact someone's idea of you on a subliminal level, silver can do the same.

Read on to see the unique meanings behind silver jewelry.


Gold tends to be a symbol representing tradition. On the other hand, silver tends to depict modern inventions and futuristic ideas. If you wear silver jewelry, people may see you as someone who lives with optimism for the future. 


Silver is the color of many types of metal used across varying industries. From transportation to architecture, silver is everywhere. Because this color exists in foundational components across industries, it can be associated with strength. 

How To Stock Your Jewelry With Gold Pieces

Now that you know more about the meaning behind jewelry, it's time to evaluate your gold collection. If you've been wearing the same pieces for more than a few years, it may be time to consider freshening up your jewelry with quality gold jewelry that accents your current style. 

Here are a few tips you should consider as you select gold to wow those who cross your path:

Pick Pieces That Fit

There's no use in wearing jewelry that's the wrong size. If your body has changed over time, you might need to adjust the pieces you wear daily to feel more comfortable. Measure your ring and wrist sizes to get the best fit on rings and bracelets so you'll feel great wearing them daily. 

Consider Your Style

When choosing new jewelry, it's a great idea to choose pieces that are cohesive with your current style. Even if you have a particular type of necklace or ring that you liked five years ago, ask yourself what appeals to your current season of life. 

As you evaluate your style, you can decide which jewelry elements in your closet need to go and which are timeless. 

Coordinate With Your Closet

When you select jewelry, coordinating it with your clothes can help tremendously. Do you tend to wear lots of cool colors? Silver makes an excellent accent for blues, purples, and pinks.

On the other hand, if you wear warmer colors or earth tones more often, gold will be a hit with your clothing. Ultimately, you can wear your favorite jewelry color with any clothing, but coordinating your pieces can make them stand out in a unique way. 

Six Pieces To Start Your Gold Collection

Are you ready to take your gold jewelry to the next level? If you're ready for a refresh but don't know where to start, don't worry.

Here are six staple pieces you can add to your collection that will look good with anything you wear:

The CRAFTD Signet Ring

The signet ring is a powerful historical piece of jewelry. Over the years, it's held symbolism of its own, communicating prestige and power. 

While you upgrade your jewelry with gold pieces, consider adding our CRAFTD Signet ring to your collection. This minimalist staple piece of jewelry can be the touch to your fits you didn't know you needed.

The CRAFTD Snake Chain

Perhaps you're no stranger to expressing yourself through jewelry. If you enjoy accenting your home, car, and wardrobe with aesthetic, classy elements, a snake chain may be right for you.

Our CRAFTD Snake chain features smooth links that make for a necklace that moves with fluidity but still looks sharp as hell. Wear it alone for a touch of sophisticated personality, or style it with multiple necklaces for a bolder approach.

The CRAFTD Cuban Chain

Let's say you want to make a bolder impression with your jewelry. If you're tired of playing it safe, consider trying on bulkier chains with your typical streetwear. 

One excellent chain to add to your collection is the CRAFTD Cuban chain. It's a heavier weight chain, so it can command more focus when you walk into the room. Wear it alone, or you can pair it with other slim chains and pendant necklaces if you'd prefer a more coordinated ensemble.

The CRAFTD Figaro Bracelet

On the other hand, if you're the sort of person who prefers more subtle jewelry, you can add a gold bracelet to your collection that won't overpower your clothing.

Our CRAFTD Figaro bracelet in gold presents a charming accent to your office wear, street style, or loungewear. It makes a terrific addition to any clothing.

The CRAFTD Wing Earring

Maybe you're ready to experiment with fresh styles that you've never tried before. If you want to give earrings a go, there's never a better time than the present. 

The CRAFTD Wing earring adds personality and individuality to your typical going-out looks. Pair it with your favorite chains for an extraordinary combination.

The CRAFTD St. Michael Pendant

If you prefer meaningful jewelry, choosing a piece to represent your roots is an excellent option. Our CRAFTD St. Michael pendant is a necklace that can symbolize many things –– faith, tradition, purpose, and justice, to name a few. Try it on with your other chains for a confident look.

Why CRAFTD Is Worth the Hype

When you're searching for gold jewelry, not all pieces are the same. At CRAFTD, we use 18-karat plated gold for your jewelry. Additionally, it's always sweatproof, heatproof, and waterproof to sustain your jewelry for years.

Don't Be Afraid To Add Drip

It's okay if you feel rusty when it comes to coordinating your jewelry. Whether you're a jewelry fanatic or you've been wearing the same pieces for years, we're here to help at CRAFTD. 

So go ahead and dive into something new or replace the gold jewelry styles you already love to wear with quality pieces. But don't be surprised if you notice people paying you more compliments. 


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