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Article: What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man?

Pinky Ring

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean on a Man?

Some articles of clothing and pieces of jewelry from your favorite jewelers have significance that goes beyond the material itself. For instance, many people who practice religion wear religious garments that indicate their faith to the outside world and allow them to live in alignment with their beliefs. Additionally, when you notice someone wearing a Claddagh ring on their right ring finger, you might assume they are open to meeting their soulmate. 

These examples show how fashion and jewelry are more than what meets the eye. Throughout history, many other pieces of clothing and jewelry have communicated meaning or symbolism. 

Let's explore how wearing rings can have more meaning than you might think. 

How Wearing a Ring Holds Symbolism

Rings have carried different meanings for hundreds of years. In many cases, rings have signified distinct connotations based on how someone wore them.

One Greek fable describes the story of a man who was fated to wear an iron ring on his finger to remind him of his sins. Some Biblical accounts recall signet rings worn on one's finger to signify power, authentication, and authority. 

During the rule of the Roman Empire, there were a host of regulations surrounding how to wear rings. For example, some Roman senators would receive the honor of wearing a gold ring when embarking upon an embassy mission. But others in different ranks would wear iron rings.

They held political significance during this period, too. Once in a while, senators who had earned gold rings would exchange them for those made of iron to express their disapproval of political rulings in a subtle fashion.

Many people wore rings to indicate their office or occupation in the middle ages. Although some wore them as a fashion statement, wealthy families would also have rings made with their family crests engraved on them.

What It Means To Wear a Ring on Your Right Hand

We've covered a few of the typical meanings behind rings throughout history. There's a wealth of expression to rings that can dive far beyond how a ring looks.

Let's look at the specific meanings of wearing a ring on different fingers and what it means for men to wear pinky rings.

The Meaning of Each Finger on the Right-Hand Side

For many people, every important task is completed with their right hand. Because of this, wearing a ring on this hand can signify assertiveness, power, and strength.

Historically, Western women in the 1900s began to wear rings on their right hands to express their independence. But today, wearing a ring on the right hand has more to do with subliminal psychology.

Index Finger

When you choose to wear a ring on your right-hand pointer finger, the meaning behind it is authority and leadership. This is because the right hand is dominant for many, and the index finger is often used to give direction or command. People may associate you with leadership and power when you wear a ring on this finger. 

Middle Finger

Your middle finger can represent symmetry on either hand, but wearing a ring on your right-hand middle finger can symbolize more than that.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger of your right hand can communicate a personal expression of your ideas and beliefs. Wearing a statement ring or meaningful engraved ring on this finger is an excellent choice.

Ring Finger 

Those who graduate from college may choose to wear a class ring. Rings worn on the right-hand ring finger often signify association with a club, school, or other organization. Additionally, people who receive anniversary rings may choose to wear a ring on this finger.

Pinky Finger

When a man wears pinky rings on his right-hand finger, it might express a specific achievement he has accomplished over the years. Additionally, wearing a ring on the right-hand pinky finger can indicate social status. 

In some social circles, a pinky ring symbolizes a connection to the gay community. This significance of the pinky ring got its start in the 20th century when sterling silver and gold pinky rings became more popular than ever.

Another bit of trivia about the pinky ring is an outdated association with organized crime, specifically the American mafia. At one point, mafia members were said to wear pinky rings as a sign of status, but this is no longer the case.

Thumb Ring

In some periods of history, wearing a ring on one's thumb signifies freedom. Today, wearing a ring on the right-hand thumb can symbolize a strong-willed essence.

The Meaning of Each Finger on the Left-Hand Side

By now, you've seen how wearing rings on your right hand can indicate unique meanings. There are distinct meanings when wearing rings on the opposite hand, too. 

Index Finger

Although wearing a ring on the right-hand pointer finger may indicate authority, on the left hand, things are different. Wearing an index finger ring on this hand may symbolize comradery.

Middle Finger

Similar to the right hand, wearing a ring on the left-hand middle finger can be an expression of individual meaning and style. Additionally, wearing a ring on this finger can communicate familial responsibility.

Ring Finger 

Perhaps the finger that holds the most symbolism is the left ring finger. Wearing a ring on this finger is traditionally reserved for romantic commitment and marital status in western cultures. Many people wear wedding rings and engagement rings on this hand.

Pinky Finger

When a man wears a pinky ring on his left pinky finger, it can indicate his association with a fraternal organization. Additionally, wearing a ring on one's little finger can indicate family heritage.


A ring worn on the left-hand thumb typically relates to one's legacy and status in the family.

How To Express Yourself Through Rings

Want to level up your expression when it comes to the rings you wear? Following a few tips can allow you to style your jewelry in a way that makes sense for your style.

Choose Something In Line With Your Values

If you're thinking of buying new rings to upgrade your collection, you might consider purchasing a ring that holds symbolic value. It may be something that reinforces your perspective on the world or helps you make conversation with others.

Select Rings That Serve as Personal Reminders

You can also pick out rings that help remind you of what is important to you. For example, if you've been working on building your self-worth, wearing a crown ring can remind you of your inner place of authority and power in your inner world.

Consider Your Personality

When you're buying new rings, you'll want to choose pieces that you want to wear. Think of how bold or traditional you'd like to be in your style expression and match that with your rings. 

Styling Rings on Each Finger

Want a quick guide to styling your rings?

Here's a list you can reference at-a-glance when you need help:

  • Index: A mid-weight signet ring works perfectly on this ringer. 
  • Middle: A statement ring with aesthetic appeal is excellent for your middle finger.
  • Ring: On your left-hand ring finger, wear a wedding band or other ring that indicates your romantic devotion to your significant other.
  • Pinky: On your pinky, wear a fraternity ring or another ring that shows your association with an organization.
  • Thumb: Wear any family heirloom rings or family crests you might have on this finger.

Rings To Help Level Up Your Jewelry Collection

It's always the right time to step up your ring collection. Keep reading to see our favorite men's jewelry picks to help enhance your bling. Then, choose the right rings to freshen your wardrobe. 

The Fate Signet Ring

If you're looking for a ring that is a step up from your usual tame style but not too bold, this one is perfect for you. Our CRAFTD Fate Signet ring is dripping with style, complete with an iced-out cross in the corner. 

The Crown Ring

If your self-assurance needs a boost, wearing a ring as a reminder can help. Our CRAFTD Crown ring is a symbol of your inner authority. Wear it with pride in your choice of high-quality 18-karat gold or premium 316L stainless steel. 

The Rose Band Ring

Perhaps you're looking for a ring that expresses your aesthetic style above all else. When you want to accent your street style with a high-caliber drip, this our CRAFTD Rose Band ring is your go-to. 

The Rope Ring

Our CRAFTD Rope ring is a staple ring if there ever was one. Wear it when you're dressed up, working out, or meeting romantic partners. It's a hit every time. Plus, the rope bracelet makes a terrific accent when worn on the opposite hand.

The St. Christopher Ring

Everyone's on a journey. As you embark on your path, wearing the CRAFTD St. Christopher ring can remind you and others that a higher power is always looking out for your best interest and your next win. In gold or silver, it's an excellent accent for other rings.

How To Care for Your Rings

At CRAFTD, our rings are made with high-quality materials. They're heatproof, sweatproof, and waterproof, so you don't have to walk on eggshells when you're wearing them.

If they get a bit dirty, soak them in a bowl with dish soap and water, rinse them off, and dry them on a soft towel, and they're good as new.

Curate a Jewelry Collection You Love With CRAFTD

Now that you know what it means for a man to wear a pinky ring, you might feel more confident wearing one yourself. When you need to step up your ring game, we're here to help at CRAFTD.




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